Monday, April 16, 2012

Completed "Dressler Cycle" Live at Avenir Eclectia!

A year ago, almost to the day, I announced that I would be writing a story arc over at the multi-author shared universe project Avenir Eclectia. I'm excited to say that the arc (that I've dubbed "The Dressler Cycle") is now complete and ready for your enjoyment. I've done you the huge favor of listing each installment below so you're only a click away from reading the story of bug hunter Dressler as he searches for a cure to heal his dying little girl.

Thanks to Grace for the opportunity to play in her universe. I imagine I'll write more AE someday, but it was important to me to finish Dressler's story and present it to you all.

Episode One: Bedtime Stories
Episode Two: Only the Strong
Episode Three: Dark (FLASHBACK)
Episode Four: Contact
Episode Five: Gettin' Crazy
Episode Six: Separation
Episode Seven: Making the Run
Episode Eight: On the Eve of the End
Episode Nine: The Last Fight (Part I)
Episode Ten: The Last Fight (Part II)
Epilogue: More Bedtime Stories

Want to know more? Take a peek behind-the-scenes of the creation of the Dressler Cycle over at the Inside Avenir Eclectia blog:

Inside "Bedtime Stories"

"Bugs! Giant Killer Bugs!"

Thanks to those who followed along on Dressler's harrowing voyage, and to those about to make the trip for the first time :)

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