Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Brave New World

Well, the book's been out for a little over a month and what a wild ride it's been already. I've got the book in a couple local Christian stores (The Storehouse and The Lighthouse, both in Jonesboro, Arkansas, for those of you close by).

The real adventure, though, has been traversing the internet, seeking out other like-minded Christian sci-fi/fantasy/horror writers and fans. Much to my shock, I discovered an entire online community of them and they have welcomed me with open arms. They're called the Lost Genre Guild and, if you're a fan or a fellow Christian speculative fiction writer looking for a place to call home, check out their website. There's also a video up, chronicling the Guild's origins and current activities. It's a great primer course for who they are and what they do.

Here's a few more links that you should really be looking up:


As for me, I'm still at TheComingEvil.Com Drop in, write me a letter or something, and buy the book!