Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Podcast Interview With Yours Truly


Just finished up a podcast interview over at The Zoo pitching "The Coming Evil" and my latest work in Coach's Midnight Diner (what, you haven't bought that yet? What's your problem?). I was hoping to get the Head Fry Cook himself, Coach Culbertson onto the show, but podcast technical difficulties--what can you do?

The Zoo is a weekly one-hour(ish) political commentary run by my good friend, James "Shamrock Jim" Stacey and his cohort in political upheaval Kurt. James was actually the inspiration for the character of "James" in "Flowers for Shelly", so it was fun to bring it full circle and talk with him about the story.

Well, I stay far away from politics, so for the first half-hour I'm a ghost hovering in the room, but if you skip to about midway through the show, you get to me. Pretty good interview, if I do say so myself. Got to say a lot of things I'd always wanted to say about what it's like writing Christian Horror. Never really had an outlet before, but I had the chance to get some things off my chest and it seemed like the show got some good response, judging by the chatroom action. Unfortunately they were having some audio difficulties, so there's warble in my deeply masculine voice, but, hey, it is what it is.

Now, go. Go check it out. I have more writing to do.

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Brandon Barr said...

Hi Greg, congratulations on the interview...

I too like to stay away from politics if I can avoid it! :)