Friday, May 29, 2009

Breaking Ground on My Next Novel

God has really been blessing my writing these days!

Hot off the heels of my big "Apocalypse V" announcement, my longtime friend and mentor Rich Christiano (who I also collaborated with on the "Time Changer" novelization) contacted me about writing up the novelization of his next release "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry". I owe a lot to Rich, so it's my treat to write this book for him. It's very much NOT in my element (not a fanged monster in sight :p). Rather it's an old-fashioned family film with a positive message. Kind of Hallmark-y, kind of Norman Rockwell-y, it's good, clean entertainment.

Rich has just sent me a preview copy of the finished film and the script, so, as soon as I get back from my big week at the Gideon Film Festival, I hope to get cracking on it. As any good novelization should, I believe, it's my hope to compliment the film, but add an entirely new dimension to the story, giving you a different experience and one that will, hopefully, allow you to see the film in a whole new light.

For those of you into the "heartwarming family film", take a peek at the trailer for "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry" and stay tuned for updates on the release of the novelization.

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