Monday, April 15, 2013

What's Next?

Now that The Coming Evil Trilogy is over, the question I get asked most often these days is "What's next?" I mean, I've only been working on this series for my entire adult life--where do I go from here? Well, as a matter of fact, I do have a lot of projects going on, but as for my next series, it's already started--and it fits squarely in the world of The Coming Evil!

"You can’t even begin to understand the places in between, the unknowable depths of eternity, the mind-shattering realizations that wait just beyond your rather limited peripheral understanding of space and time."

This line is uttered by the Strange Man in Dark Hour, the final book of The Coming Evil Trilogy, and serves as a hint at my new book Rift Jump!

Rift Jump came out last summer through Splashdown Darkwater, my publisher for Dark Hour. In it, readers are taken to this "In Between" that the Strange Man was referring to and discover it to be the supernatural plane where all the angels and devils in all my stories, including the Strange Man and his gremlin hordes, originate. The In Between is the metaphysical glue that holds together the near-limitless worlds of the multiverse, an intricate network of alternate realities and parallel dimensions.

Rift Jump introduces us to Michael Morrison, the young man chosen by the Light to journey across this multiverse, combating some great Evil that is worming its way through the In Between, trying to consume the multiverse. The Strange Man knows this particular Evil very well and, if you've read The Coming Evil Trilogy, you might recognize it too, and already know the damage it could cause.

While The Coming Evil centered on the battle of good and evil across the landscape of small town Greensboro, Rift Jump takes that same battle to the cosmic stage. It's a clash of titans in this book, and shows what larger battles exist in the world--the multiverse--of The Coming Evil.

I have one more book to write in this new series, I believe. Among my many other projects, I'm slowly working on the follow-up to Rift Jump, that will bring to resolution whatever dangling plot threads remain after that first book. But, in the meantime, you can purchase Rift Jump from Amazon for its new low price in print or Kindle.

When Rift Jump was initially released, it was sort of lost in the midst of The Coming Evil Trilogy. But now that the Trilogy is finished, I'm hoping people will take another look at the book. It's already starting to get a little more attention out there in the world, garnering me a great new review and has even been nominated for a 2013 Clive Staples Award for Christian Speculative Fiction.

I hope you all go check out the book and get a look at the larger mechanics operating in my fictional world. Rift Jump is an action-packed wild ride, straight into the In Between where devils lurk and back again. Don't miss it!

Today, I'm over at Lisa Godfrees' blog, discussing all things Rift Jump, as well as offering two free copies of the book! But the giveaway only lasts for a week, so hurry over, read the interview, and leave a comment (over there) for your chance to win!


The Gill-Man said...

I've been avoiding your blog like the plague until I could read Dark Hour...didn't want to stumble across spoilers. Now that I only have a few pages left (which I plan to read on my lunch break) I can tell! This is the kind of series that just begs to be re-read from start to finish. I've grown to really love Dras, Rosalyn, Jeff, Isabella and all the other folks from Greensboro. These folks seem so relatable, and it's almost impossible to not feel a connection to them. The Strange Man is such a great villain...he just is so full of hatred for humanity that he's willing to destroy himself in the process of gaining revenge. Well done! It must be a great feeling to have completed a story you've been working on for so long!!

Definitely intend to pick up Rift Jump as well, as I'm sure I would enjoy that as well. Keep up the amazing work!

Greg Mitchell said...

Wow, thank you, brother. You've been supporting me from the beginning, and I'm glad that the third book hasn't disappointed (so far:p). These characters are very dear to me, as well, and it's great to see someone "get" them.

Hopefully people WILL re-read the series through as I think they will find a lot more hints and nods that they didn't pick up the first time :)