Friday, May 25, 2012

First Look--RIFT JUMP!

Hey, folks. Been a bit since we had some exciting book news to report on this front, but that changes today with the big unveiling of the amazing cover art for my upcoming release--Rift Jump!


This incredible piece was digitally painted by Marvel Comics colorist Thomas Mason. Thomas never ceases to amaze me with his ability and eye for detail. Visit him on his Facebook page. Befriend him--he does commissions!

Michael and Sara--the heroes of Rift Jump--have been with me since I was a meek and gangly high schooler, doodling comic book superheroes in the margins of my homework. To see them come to life like this is a dream come true. It's one of those moments when I wish I had a time machine to take this back to my younger self and give him something to look forward to.

The novel comes out in July from Splashdown Darkwater. It's a bit of a departure from The Coming Evil Trilogy, but I hope everyone gives it a look. Expect a rip-roaring ride of angsty teen romance, bizarre creatures, and comic book-style action! In the meantime, I direct you to my initial announcement of the book where you can get further details on this crazy new adventure through the multiverse!

UPDATE: The book is out and available from these fine sellers!

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