Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Official: "The Coming Evil" coming soon from Realms Fiction

I told you I had big news.

It's been many months in the making, but I'm proud to finally announce that, yes, "The Coming Evil" has a new home and it is Realms Fiction! Realms is an imprint of Strang Communications and, I'd say, specializes in Christian "supernatural thrillers", so I think that "The Coming Evil" will be a great fit. We're still early in the process, so I can't even begin to guess when the book will be hitting shelves (that's right: hitting shelves!), but I will be sure to keep you posted.

As I've stated before, this will be the "Expanded Edition" of the novel--it's longer, introduces some characters you'll be seeing more of throughout the remainder of the trilogy, and will have the added bonus of having a professional editor go through and improve the writing :p If you own a Xulon Edition already, then consider yourselves one of the "lucky few". The book is now out-of-print and there are only a limited supply left in circulation.

I've already had some who purchased the original Xulon Edition of the book express their worry that their version is now "obsolete". I have tried very hard to include things in the new edition without fundamentally changing it. That is to say, that, if you already own a Xulon Edition of Book One and want to jump right into the Realms Edition of Book Two when it comes out, no, you won't be horribly lost. Everything plays out the same, there's just more. More monsters, more Dras being goofy, more Jeff and Isabella, and a much bigger role for Jack Weldon. I hope that Xulon Edition-holders will go out and buy one of the new editions when it's available. I think you'll be really pleased with the additions.

Well. There it is. My big announcement. It has been over a decade in getting to this point and I know that the work's not over yet. But, I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who's supported "The Coming Evil" over the years. I also have to stop and give credit to God. In my heart, I always knew that "The Coming Evil" would see the light of day, but in my head I often lost hope. But I stayed the course and held the faith and God, in His good timing, seems to have finally brought those monster-filled dreams to reality.

Stay tuned!



cathikin said...

so happy for you! I've been impressed by what I've read from Realms/Strang so far; it bodes well.

The Gill-Man said...

Huge congrats! Gives an aspiring writer like me hope!!!

Laura W. said...

That is so awesome!