Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm in "Supernatural"!

Well, sort of.

Let me explain. Anyone who knows me or "The Coming Evil" and my other work knows that I am a huge fan of monster hunters. I've gone on and on about how watching "The Monster Squad" every day for a summer when I was a wee, timid lad forever shaped my destiny. I love monsters--but more importantly, I love those brave souls who fight against the dark.

Naturally, when I heard about a show about two demon-hunting brothers on a road trip across "Backroads America" I was greatly intrigued. ...Then I found out said show was going to be on the teen-oriented WB and would be starring two "pretty boy" actors. I cringed. I was already coming down off my "Joss Whedon is a writing god" high and the thought of another cutesy tongue-in-cheek take on a subject matter that I hold very dearly made me want to hurl.

But, I watched that first episode of "Supernatural" and I was blown away. A) The pretty boys can act. Can REALLY act. B) The show is dark and horror based--not like I've seen since the glory days of "The X-Files". C) It's about monster hunters!! I was hooked from that point forward.

So, when I heard that the first tie-in novel "Nevermore" was coming out in 2007, I was first in line (only in line, I think) to get my copy on release day. It was a great read. The author--one Keith R.A. DeCandido--nailed the mythology and the voice of the characters and really showed that he knew this series. So, I felt so led to write him a long, gushy e-mail shouting my praise.

Turns out that letter was sent in good timing, for Mr. DeCandido was hard at work on his second "Supernatural" tie-in novel, "Bone Key". As soon as "Bone Key" was released last year, I was back in line (still the only one, I think) and cracked that puppy open. Then I get to Chapter Five on page 61 and my heart nearly stopped.

I read my own name.

Was it an amazing coincidence? I guess "Greg Mitchell" isn't really that uncommon a name. Or...did I dare to dream? Had Mr. DeCandido taken a name off a fanboy's e-mail and slapped it on to an original character in a "Supernatural" novel? I was floored with excitement, but tried to tell myself it was only a fluke.

However, since then, I've taken up the matter with the author, himself, and I am proud--and humbled at the same time--to say "Yes". I am a Supernatural character...albeit one who gets roughed-up by the ghost of Ernest Hemingway over a six-toed cat...but still!

Sure, none of this means a hill of beans to you people, but this was a small victory for me--a little kid who grew up loving monster hunters and now gets to be in a book about two very awesome monster hunters.

I'm writing all this to say A)Yay! B) Thank you, Mr. DeCandido and C) Watch "Supernatural". If the series mastermind Eric Kripke has his way--and I hope he does--, the story will finish next season. You've still got time to catch up on the DVDs and be a part of this amazing show.

That is all.

-Greg Mitchell

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SUPERNATURAL RULES! That is all! Move along...nothing to see here folks...