Monday, February 18, 2013

"Dark Hour" Soundtrack

Here we are for one final go around!

The release of Dark Hour is only days away. To set the stage, we've got today's blog post. By now it's tradition to post my completely unofficial soundtrack to the new installment of The Coming Evil Trilogy. We did it for The Strange Man and Enemies of the Cross, and now we've come to the big finale of our saga. I hope that you've enjoyed listening to these soundtracks during your reading experience, and I'm happy to say that, when listened all together, they make a symphonic trilogy that tells it's own thematic story.

Below you will find the listings, as well as the corresponding page numbers and scene names. As always, I've tried to be as cryptic with my scene names as possible, but consider yourself spoiler-warned. Purchase your copy of Dark Hour and listen along!

1. “Crossroad Blues”—Robert Johnson—WEXLER, page 1
3. “Gotham’s Reckoning” (Dark Knight Rises)—Hans Zimmer—BYE, BYE WEXLER, page 31
4. “Mr. Sandman”—The Chordettes—HELLO GREENSBORO, page 62
5. “Send the Pain Below”—Chevelle—DRAS?, page 106
6. “Sun Gone Dim”—Johann Johannsson—LOST HAVEN, page 200
7. “Bad Moon Rising”—Creedence Clearwater Revival—JUST AROUND THE BEND, page 209
8. “Ancient Machine” (Halo 2)—QUEEN, page 239
9. “Stand By Me”—Ben E. King—CALM BEFORE, page 272
10. “Fire On High”—E.L.O.—LAKE RISING, page 318
11. “Mad World”—Gary Jules—DARK HOUR, page 320
12. “You Have the Power” (Dark City)—Trevor Jones—MADE NEW, page 341
13. “I Will Run After You”—Frank Black and the Catholics—SOUL MATES, page 350
14. “Take a Bow”—Muse—LAST STAND IN THE RAVE SCENE, page 359
15. “1-2-3-4”—Feist—ABOUT TIME, page 382
16. “Stay Young”—Oasis—END CREDITS


Jason Brown said...

Page 384.
It's official, this is longer than the other books, so it should be worth a good chunk of reading time.

Greg Mitchell said...

We're going all out for this last one!