Friday, January 28, 2011

"The Strange Man" Soundtrack

Music is an intregral part to my "process" as a writer. I plot scenes in my head while listening to music, I write to music--oftentimes putting a single song on repeat for hours until I've finished a certain segment--, and I also read to music (which I'm told is weird). As I've been writing The Strange Man for over ten years, I've built up quite an internal soundtrack, and today, as February 1st nears ever closer, I've selected the ones that stick out the most to me.

Please note that this is totally unofficial. These songs have not been approved nor reflect the opinions (or musical tastes) of the fine folks at Realms Fiction. This is something for fun. I've arranged the songs in order as they compliment the story, including "scene names" and page numbers to help you pinpoint where in the book they might occur. Listened as a whole, I belive the soundtrack will take you on the emotional journey of The Strange Man.

So go hunt them down on iTunes or whatever it is you kids listen to nowadays (can you believe I actually had some of these on CD? Remember those dinosaurs?) and enjoy.

1. "Silver" - The Pixies - PROLOGUE, page 1
2. "The Broken" - Coheed & Cambria - TITLE TRACK
3. "Blue Monday" - Orgy (cover) - RAVE SCENE, page 39
4. "Send Me An Angel" - Real Life - A NEW ARRIVAL, page 45
5. "Don't Fear the Reaper" - The Mutton Birds (cover) - FLEEING THE DEVIL, page 58
6. "Resurrection" (Hellraiser Theme) - Christopher Young - SUBMERGED AND EMERGING, page 61
7. "Flower Man" - Tonic - AN UNLIKELY HERO, page 65
8. "Hellbound" (Hellraiser: Hellbound Theme) - Christopher Young - DEAL WITH THE DEVIL, page 148
9. "Running Up That Hill" - Placebo (cover) - THE FOOL WISES UP, page 168
10. "Maybe Baby" - Buddy Holly and the Crickets - ONE NIGHT AT SMOKEY'S, page 201
11. "Freedom Rock" - Frank Black - GREMLIN NIGHT, page 206
12. "Enjoy the Silence" - Anberlin (cover) - RAVE SCENE AGAIN, page 247
13. "Ache" - James Carrington - ALL FOR ME, page 255
14. "Silver" - The Pixies (reprise) - THE BATTLE IS ONLY BEGINNING, page 265
15. "Horror Show" - Third Eye Blind - END CREDITS

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