Monday, January 24, 2011

Debut of the Feature Trailer for "The Strange Man"!

Big day, folks! Tomorrow marks the one-week countdown to the release of The Strange Man! Over a decade of struggle comes to a close--and a fresh beginning. To help get you pumped for February 1st, Realms has released the brand new feature trailer for The Strange Man.

Millie Walker--Meredythe Edwards
Dras Weldon--Jeff Mitchell
Rosalyn Myers--Meghan Mitchell
The Strange Man--Me, yo!

Music--Dan J. Schulte
Killer Strange Man art--Thomas Mason
Nifty Realms animated logo--Conlan Brown
Written, shot, and chopped--Me, again, Chief.


Michelle V said...

I'm in the middle of reading the book right now and I love the trailer! Awesome!!

The Gill-Man said...

Love the use of the Nosferatu footage! Very fitting!

REALLY looking forward to picking this book up!

Greg Mitchell said...

One more week, brother!

Also, thanks Michelle. Hope you like the book :)