Friday, January 21, 2011

Read Bob Freeman's "The Cabin in the Woods" Free!

Real-life occult detective and horror author Bob Freeman is a friend 'round these parts. Last year he saw the publication of his occult detective novel Descendant--a "braided novel" composed of inter-connected short stories. Like most of Bob's work, Descendant takes place in his epic Liber Monstrorum magnum opus.

His publisher, Belfire Press, have posted the first story featured in Descendant--"The Cabin in the Woods"--available to read for free on their site. This is a perfect introduction into the madness that is Bob Freeman. In this story, you will meet Federal Agents and full-time spook hunters Selina Wolfe and Martin Crowe--the titular characters of Descendant. As a special treat (well, to me, anyway :p), this is also the story that introduces that most famed and ill-fated Nightstalker...Greg Mitchell! Read of his gruesome demise, get yourself hooked on this uber-cool monster mythology, then order your own copy of Descendant today. I mean, seriously people, what are you waiting for? Are you allergic to awesome or something?

Read my exclusive interview with Bob right here!

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