Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dan J. Schulte's "Unit Revelation" Now Available

I'm forever indebted to composer Dan J. Schulte. I first heard Dan's work on the Halloween Returns to Haddonfield CD that accompanied the Halloween 25th Anniversary Convention. I listened to it on the flight home and loved it. When it came time to do my first trailer for The Coming Evil, I called Dan up and asked if he'd contribute the score. He did, and I was really pleased. He's also written a new score for the brand new trailer of The Strange Man, set to debut in a couple weeks.

Dan is now adding "writer" to his list of duties, having just released his first novel Unit Revelation straight to the Amazon Kindle. Dan's a do-it-yourself kind of guy, having produced a number of awesome CDs that I've used as background writing music. Unit Revelation is a story close to Dan's heart, I know, as we've talked about it over the years. Here's what Dan had to say about it on his site:

"This tale began in 1984 when I sat down with two friends of mine and we began to draw science fiction super heroes, villains, robots and mutants warring against each other. Unable to get the themes and characters out of my head I continued to evolve a story throughout the years inspired by the dozens of pages of art we had done. Originally produced in the early 90's as 'Revelation Club' (an ashcan comic of which I had eventually done over 70 pages of artwork) the story and art hibernated until I finally decided to transfer the story from graphic novel to manuscript in 2010. Technically 26 years in the making, the Unit Revelation novel finally makes it's debut in January 2011."

I wish Dan all the best with his story. Scroll below to see the cover art, read the synopsis, and click the handy link to order your own copy.

About the book: In 1987 Jake Dust, along with 299 other scientists and specialists, took the offer of a lifetime: a five year contract living and working on a robotically constructed, planet-sized space station called Project Escape. What began as a peaceful operation designed to preserve the human race in the event of nuclear war became a war-ravaged hell of robotic devastation, genetic mutation and technological darkness. Defeated and out of options, the last of the specialists send Jake Dust back to earth in a desperate search for help to reclaim the Project from its tyrannical leaders. When Dust returns to earth in the new millennium he finds that Project Escape is little more than an ‘urban legend’ and all evidence of its existence has been covered up. Ignored and ridiculed for his surreal claims of Project Escape’s desperate reality and history, the janitor turned war hero descends into alcoholism and defeat until Unit Revelation, a small band of extremely eclectic and unlikely heroes, arrive from Project Escape and reluctantly revitalize Dust’s cause to return to the war-torn Project and end the abominations thriving there once and for all.

Buy the book at Amazon.

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