Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guest Blog at Cloud Ten Pictures

"Do we really have power over the devil?"

That's the question I pose over at Cloud Ten Pictures' blog today.

Cloud Ten Pictures--producers of the popular Left Behind movies based on the mega-hit book series (not to mention my boss for Apocalypse V)--were gracious enough to let me come over and write up my thoughts on spiritual warfare in light of The Strange Man's impending release. Head over there and show some love.

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The Gill-Man said...

Pretty fascinating topic, and one that I've been interested in for years. While we are given spiritual authority through Christ, I think many folks miss the important part of that equation: Christ. Oh sure, we invoke His name, we read our Bibles, but we often think "I have authority over these evil things". Well, you on your own do not! You have authority THROUGH CHRIST JESUS, not on your own. If you are rebuking a demon, you'd best make sure you are prepared with lots of prayer, fasting and spiritual meditation upon the Holy Spirit. I've found that, even then, you wind up with quite a fight on your hands. It isn't called spiritual warfare because it's easy!