Wednesday, February 20, 2013


The wait is over!!

Dark Hour, the third and final installment in The Coming Evil Trilogy is here for your reading pleasure! Don't waste another second reading this blog post. Click here and purchase your copy right now! (then come back and finish reading :p) For those waiting for the ebooks, the book is now available on Kindle and at Smashwords in all digital formats!

It's a very exciting and surreal feeling to be here, at this moment. Literally my entire adult life has been spent writing this series, waiting for the day that the trilogy would be out in full--that the story, the full story, would finally be told. The journey has taken so many twists and turns. I began writing this in my parents' garage that they converted into a bedroom, but I ended the saga, living in my own home, married to my wonderful Meghan for a decade, and sharing our lives with two beautiful daughters. I grew up somewhere in all of that (eh...mostly), and the books have too. The Coming Evil began as a screenplay I wrote back in 1998/1999 and slowly worked its way into a trilogy of novels. I self-published in 2006, then went back to the drawing board, moving up into traditional publishing with the daredevils at Realms. Now this final book is coming out with my friend Grace Bridges--a woman who has come to be a great encouragement to me.

For over a decade, I've championed the cause of "Christian Horror", taking hits from both sides of the fence. I set out to begin an experiment--could I merge my love of the Bible with my passion for '80s monster movies? I've struggled, sometimes crossing a line between writing and "preaching", I fear. I've tried to maintain a balance of pure entertainment and thoughtful religious insight that could, hopefully, be of some benefit to all, whether they claimed the title "Christian" or not. I've tried to say something in all of my books, while trying my best to excite and share my love of the monster genre. I've given it my all every step of the way, and Dark Hour is the culmination of everything. All my dreams, my thoughts on humanity and our relationship to God, growing up, becoming a man, wanting to change the world. In many ways, The Strange Man and Enemies of the Cross were just the set-up. This was the book I had always intended to bring to the world. This is Christian Horror.

This is me.

Many of you have followed me on this journey and I am so grateful whenever I hear that someone read my book. It means the world to me, as I feel like I spend most of my life screaming into a chasm and no one cares. But you care. You've sent me letters, you've commented on posts, you've bought the books. I have shed sweat, tears, and blood over Dark Hour to deliver to you the absolute best of my writing ability at present. At this point in my life, I believe I can offer you no better than what I've given you in this book. Now it's up to me to continue to grow, to challenge myself, to rediscover who I am as a man and a writer. I began this book when I was barely into my twenties. Now I'm in my mid-thirties and the world appears a lot different to me. I've got some stories in mind to talk about that, and I hope to see you there when the time comes.

Thank you for everything. And to God, thank You, thank You, thank You. We made it.

Now seriously, people. Go buy the book. :p

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