Monday, February 6, 2012

"Enemies of the Cross" Soundtrack

It's that time again folks! The release of Enemies of the Cross is tomorrow! In preparation for the big day, I'm revealing the soundtrack to the book--that is, the music that inspired me while writing the story.

It goes without saying (but I'm going to say it anyway) that this is completely unofficial! The music selection does not reflect Realms Fiction, and none of the artists or bands listed here endorse the book--though it'd be nice if they did.

This was simply for fun and to give you guys a peek into my writery process when crafting Enemies of the Cross. Like last time, in order to enhance your listening experience, I have included scene names and page numbers to correspond with each song, so you have a better idea where it fits into the narrative.

I have been careful to keep the scene names vague, but just in case, beware of minor spoilers.


1. "Recognizer" (Tron Legacy) - Daft Punk - PROLOGUE, page 1
2. "Tokyo" (Resident Evil Afterlife) - Tomandandy - TITLE TRACK
3. "Eden" - Hooverphonic - TRYSDALE, page 34
4. "Highway to Hell" - AC/DC - DODGING PINK ELEPHANTS, page 55
5. "Twilight Time" - The Platters - LATE NIGHT VISIT, page 109
6. "Simple Man" - Lynyrd Skynyrd - THE OASIS, page 127
7. "Distorted Angel" (Tricky Remix) - Elvis Costello - TEMPTING, page 248
8. "Rectifier" (Tron Legacy) - Daft Punk - CHASE AND BURNING, page 256, 293
9. "Hunter" - Bjork - THE RAVE SCENE REVISITED, page 264
10. "Blind" - Korn - PICKING A FIGHT, page 282
11. "A Cold Heart Turns" - Rebecca St. James - WHAT HAVE I DONE?, page 284
12. "Made of Steel" - Our Lady Peace - THOSE PRECIOUS WORDS, page 317
13. "Overcome" - Better Than Ezra - EPILOGUE, page 318
14. "Cutting" (Resident Evil Afterlife) - Tomandandy - CUT TO BLACK, page 319
15. "Brick by Brick" - Train - END CREDITS

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