Saturday, June 23, 2012

MONSTERS!--Coming this Halloween!

Hey, everybody. Me, again, with another cool announcement. I've just been accepted into another awesome anthology also slated for a Halloween release! You can read about the first announcement right over here.

This new anthology is called MONSTERS! and is coming atcha from Diminished Media Group, the folks behind the sweet website A Flame in the Dark that discusses one of my favorite topics--the twilight zone where fear and faith meet. They've also reviewed the first two books in The Coming Evil Trilogy (read 'em here and here)!

I'm very excited to be a part of this project as it's clearly done by a group of people who "get it". They have a love for the classic monsters and I couldn't find myself in better company. My contribution to this terror festival is "Divide and Conquer". Ironically, enough it's another Vinnie Caponi story--the star of my other Halloween anthology story! Having two Vinnie stories coming out in the same year, in the same season, is an unexpected treat, but that just gives you more incentive to buy both anthologies, yeah? :) My story featured in A Cat of Nine Tales will chronicle Vinnie's "origin" as an urban mythologist, while my piece in Monsters! will give you a rip-roaring ride loaded with monsters, some old-school vampire hunting tricks, and a band of surly rough-and-tumble devil smashers. It's a lot of fun and I'm stoked that you guys get to see them both.

Check them out, this Halloween!


Tim Ward said...

I just got my acceptance as well. I think it's an awesome honor, and can't wait to read the stories in it.

Greg Mitchell said...

Congratulations, Tim. Looking forward to reading your entry.