Monday, June 11, 2012

New Project--A Cat of Nine Tales

I was pleased to get the notification this morning that my short story "Metamorphosis" had been selected as part of the offerings for Rookhaven Publishing's forthcoming "A Cat of Nine Tales" anthology of occult detective stories. Taking one look at the table of contents, though, left me quite stunned.

Wait, I'm sorry. Blackwood? Howard? Lovecraft? And...Mitchell? You'll have to forgive me for totally geeking out. Sharing page space with such an impressive and inspiring group of occult writers is a thrill and certainly one I never expected. So what can you expect from my contribution to this spooky new collection? "Metamorphosis" is the world's introduction to my own occult detective hero--the self-labeled "Urban Mythologist" Vinnie Caponi. I've had Vinnie kicking around in my head since the early '00s and I have some pretty big plans for him in my uber-mythology. But here, in A Cat of Nine Tales, you will get a peek into his humble beginnings. I'm thrilled to be a part of this project and I hope everyone checks it out when it releases...this Halloween!

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