Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book Two Update!

Things are moving full-steam ahead on Book Two!

My editor and I have been hard at work the last couple weeks, hammering out the kinks, tightening the screws, and I'm confident this book is going to be bigger and better than Book One. I've learned a lot from those who have reviewed the book and found some room for improvement, and have incorporated their sound advice into this book.

Yesterday, we worked on the back copy (what it says on the back of the book). Recently, I took a new author photo for the back, and I hear the team is hard at work on the cover. As soon as I receive it and get word that it's okay to show, I'll debut it here on this site. I'm also planning on posting an excerpt from Book Two as a special Halloween treat, and I'm in the early stages of crafting a brand-new original tie-in short story that will plant some seeds for Book Two. Look for that around Christmas time, if all goes well.

It's been confirmed that Book Two will be entitled "Enemies of the Cross" and will be released February 2012. What can you expect to find in this next installment? Secrets will be revealed--changing everything you know--and everyone will be forced to choose a side in the upcoming war between the last remaining "saints" of Greensboro and the forces of hell. There will be new characters, returning favorites, and even more gruesome monsters. The stakes are raised as the mystery of the Strange Man's master plan unfolds.

If you haven't read Book One, The Strange Man, now is the perfect time to get caught up and prepare yourself for Book Two. The Strange Man is available wherever fine books are sold, and you can order it on Amazon in paperback, or on Kindle.

I'm very excited to finally see Enemies of the Cross come to life. And, again, I'll remind you that, even if you've only read the original self-published Xulon edition of The Strange Man (without the plethora of extra scenes as found in the current and "canon" Realms Edition), you can still pick up Enemies of the Cross and know what's going on.

Stay tuned as we head towards the finish line and prepare yourself for Enemies of the Cross!


Michelle V said...

YAY! I'm so excited! Can't wait!

Michelle V

The Gill-Man said...

EXTREMELY stoked for this!!!!