Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Have you caught up on "The Coming Evil" short stories?

Hey, all. If you've been to my blog (, you'll notice an ever growing collection of free-to-read "The Coming Evil" short stories on the right. I see we've got some new folks around these parts, new folks who may not have discovered these stories yet. So, I thought I'd give a brief recap and provide helpful links to get you started :p

At the moment, there are four short stories available, though I'm working on more. All four stories serve as prequels to "The Strange Man, The Coming Evil: Book One" that is coming out in February.

First up, as part of, what I call The North Woods Sequence, we delve into Dras and Rosalyn's past, and their brushes with the legends that surround the creepy North Woods of Greensboro.

"Among the Dead" is the first short story I wrote for TCE, and also the first, chronologically speaking. Unless something changes, "Among the Dead" will be available for the first time in print when it's collected with "The Strange Man" in February! But, for now, you can enjoy a tasty reading of the story--a perfect compliment to the Halloween season.

Also in The North Woods Sequence, we've got "The Last Halloween" (Parts One and Two) which serves as a sort of sequel to some of the themes explored in "Among the Dead". As stated in the title, this is another spooky story for Halloween.

In a bit of a departure from the creepy stories of The North Woods Sequence, we also have two lighter stories. Life in Greensboro can't be filled with horror all the time, so these next two tales explore the more mundane aspects of Dras and Rosalyn's lives.

In "Clown Time...The Remake", Dras is faced with the most unspeakable horror of all: One of his favorite childhood horror movies is about to be remade!!

In "Dras Tells Annie a Story", Dras tucks Rosalyn's kid sister Annie in for the night, and tells her the "true" story of one of her storybooks.

I hope you take the time to read one or more of the stories! And stay tuned as I continue to post further tales of fright and fun :p

Among the Dead--Audio Presentation:

The Last Halloween, Part One:

The Last Halloween, Part Two:

Clown Time...The Remake:

Dras Tells Annie a Story:

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