Saturday, October 2, 2010

Buy your copy of "Coach's Midnight Diner 3"!

A nice surprise arrived in the mail today--my copy of Coach's Midnight Diner Vol. 3! For the uninitiated, The Diner is described as "A Hardboiled Anthology of Horror, Crime, Detective, Paranormal, and Weird Fiction With A Christian Slant". My zombie love story Flowers for Shelly appeared in the last Diner collection and I'm super excited that my monster hunter outing Flesh and Blood appears in this latest edition. Flesh and Blood features the first appearance of The Arbigast Group, a band of rough-and-tumble monster killers-for-hire, who originated in an excised subplot from an early The Coming Evil, Book Three draft. I hope to tell many more adventures featuring the Group in the days ahead--including a possible "crossover" with The Coming Evil--so here's your chance to get in on the ground floor!

Follow the link to read an exclusive excerpt from Flesh and Blood, then order your copy today!


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