Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Final Cover For "The Strange Man"...Again!

You may recall back in August when I posted my *ahem* "final" cover for "The Strange Man". Well, as it turns out, during Realms' sales meeting to potential buyers across the country--the cover proved too frightening! Naturally, when I was told, my first reaction was "awesome". But, the implications began to fall into place. If buyers think the cover is "too scary", then they feel that their readership will think it's "too scary" and, hence, won't buy it. Therefore, buyers won't buy it for their stores and risk losing the money. I always knew my cover was a bit different than most you see decorating your local Christian bookstore, but now that's working against us.

So, the fine folks at Realms have cooked up another final cover that they feel still conveys the "horror" of the book, while not scaring the CBA crowd. While this might sound like a bad idea, I'm actually really impressed with the new cover. To be honest, I think it captures the look of the Strange Man, himself, wonderfully.

But I'll let you judge for yourself.

There you have it. The new final cover :) Let's see if this one sticks :p And, a special note to everyone who's been supportive and has been flashing the old final cover all over the internets, feel free to notify your people of the change!

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The Gill-Man said...

Well, I liked the old cover better...but I understand the concerns. I do agree that this cover is a more marketable one for Christian bookstores. Hey, ya gotta get folks to pick up the book and actually READ it, right? The cover isn't ultimately that big of a deal, just the content inside of it!