Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Two--Off to the Editor!

Big day today. I sent off my draft of "Enemies of the Cross", Book Two in "The Coming Evil Trilogy", to my editor. I know, I know, you haven't read Book One yet, but it should please you to know that the road ahead is already being paved. In a few months, Book Two will endure the arduous editing process. I have no clue when the projected release date is for "Enemies of the Cross", but it's nice to know the ball is now rolling. Together with the Realms team, we'll get the second installment prepared to shatter your senses! What's in store for you in Book Two? Keep an eye out for an upcoming interview where I begin to talk a bit about what the future holds for "The Coming Evil" universe :)

Tune in tomorrow on this, here, blog, where I will interview horror author and real-life paranormal investigator Bob Freeman!! What a way to kick off the Halloween season!

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