Friday, September 13, 2013

Return of the Bug Hunter

For those of you who were fans of the Avenir Eclectia stories involving my bug hunter Dressler, you're in luck. He's back!

Today on Avenir Eclectia, the first installment in a new journey for Dressler begins with my micro-story "Daddy/Daughter Date". This new story picks up some time after the conclusion of Dressler's last harrowing encounter--that one involving an undersea "angel"--and finds Dressler teaching his daughter Edilyn the bug hunting trade.

This story came about quite by pleasant accident. Friends and fellow AE authors Ed Erdelac and Jeff Carter approached me a while back about having Dressler appear in their individual arcs and asked if that was okay with me. I was thrilled and honored by the suggestion and was excited to kick back and read what they came up with.

Reading their stories, though, stoked a little fire in me and I thought it was time to leave my AE retirement to fill in the blanks of their respective tales, revealing what Dressler has been up to since we last saw him and set up how he gets into Ed and Jeff's stories.

"Daddy/Daughter Date" is the first of a new ride for my favorite bug hunter, so be sure to check it out.

For those who maybe don't know, Avenir Eclectia is a shared universe project where many sci-fi/fantasy/horror authors come together to create micro-fiction to run on the series' website. Eventually those stories are collected in a print version. The first such printed volume is already available and includes my entire first Dressler arc. Buy it today in print or ebook!

Also, click here and here to read a couple old retrospectives I wrote, detailing the inspiration behind Dressler's creation!

Be sure to stop over and read "Daddy/Daughter Date" today and keep your eyes peeled for Ed and Jeff's contribution to a Bug Hunter's tale! And Avenir is always looking for more writers to expand its mythology. So if you're a writer interested in playing in a huge sandbox, check it out and make your submission!

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