Thursday, October 11, 2012

Splashdown Blog Tour--"Devil's Hit List"!

Welcome to another edition of the Splashdown Blog Tour. Today we're talking up my pal Frank Creed's new release "Devil's Hit List"--Book Three in his epically cool Underground series of Biblical Cyberpunk novels. In the days ahead, I'll be sitting down with Frank for a full interview, but for today, here's an excerpt from the book--available now! Buy it today on Amazon in either print or Kindle format!

Read the excerpt below.

* * *

Cloud mist scudded along just above our flat high-rise rooftop. Chicago’s usual overcast weather hid us from the satellite spy-cams, and the night’s low visibility helped us with secrecy.
“No, I think that rod section goes on the outside of the wing, doesn’t it?” I said.
Lethe slid an aluminum pole through a nylon loop. “You know, this is not the first time I’ve assembled a hang-glider atop a fifty-story building.”
“No wonder you’re faster at this than my brother is,” said e-girl.
Indeed, my unit was only half built and Lethe was nearly finished. Building a hang glider in the dark for the very first time is kind of awkward.
My sister came over to guide me. “That part through there. Now you’ve got it. You’re sure this is going to work?”
I squeaked a shoe on the rubber rooftop jamming the tight fit together. “Well, the weight ratios work out. You two together are a little heavier than I am, but we’ll be fine.”
“I meant is this really the best way into the security station? Ash or Virago, or whoever the big guns belong to, has complete air superiority.”
“But we have Heir superiority. You know, Christ as our King.”
“This is no time to be clever, CK. She needs affirmation,” advised Lethe, clipping her harness onto her hang-glider’s frame, hefting the giant kite, and moving toward the rooftop’s edge.
“See? This is why I like Lethe so much,” said e-girl, joining Lethe under her black fabric wing. “She understands what it’s like to be female in a man’s world. Approaching a secure target on gossamer wings, when they have helicopter gunships, seems like a very male idea.” Lethe secured e-girl’s straps to their hang-glider.
“Our strength is in our silence, not our firepower,” I stated sagely.
“You speak like fortune cookie,” said Lethe. “See you at the bottom, Sun Tzu.”
My sister had to face the building’s center rooftop for the next part, so she could not see what was coming. She closed her eyes tightly shut and ran backward as Lethe ran into their takeoff. They plummeted over the side for a few floors, e-girl’s muffled squeal streaming behind them like a kite tail, before gliding away through the night.
I clipped myself onto my frame. “Okay, self, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.” I followed them, also running with closed eyes and a Grrrr through clenched teeth.

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