Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Available Now--A Cat of Nine Tales!

Today I am very excited to announce that my latest chiller story--and the debut of my own occult detective, Vinnie Caponi: Urban Mythologist--"Metamorphosis" is now available in Rookhaven's Publishing A Cat of Nine Tales.

You want Guns, Ghouls, and Grimoires? Well, look no further. Collected here are nine supernatural thrillers — from Algernon Blackwood, Aleister Crowley, Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, William Meikle, Greg Mitchell, Christine Morgan, Joshua M. Reynolds, and Steven L. Shrewsbury — guaranteed to satisfy your thirst for mystery, suspense, and esoteric adventure.

Occult Detective Stories, Volume One — A Cat of Nine Tales — Edited by Tracy DeVore & Thaddeus Sexton, with illustrations by Bob Freeman.

It is such a huge honor to be included in this anthology and a dream come true to be included in a book with Lovecraft himself. Click the link to order your copy RIGHT NOW. It's the perfect thing to prepare you for the Halloween season. And for a neat sneak peek into what you will find in this anthology, head over to my pal Bob Freeman's site and read the first paragraphs of all the stories!

Here's the first paragraph of my contribution "Metamorphosis"--Josh Banks turned his key and entered the country shack. The place seemed colder these days without her there. On the wall, where portraits of her pretty face once smiled back at him, there was only bare wood paneling. Vinnie had already removed all the painful reminders of her beauty, her warmth. Dirty clothes lay draped over furniture and empty bottles of Bourbon were scattered on the carpet, but what bothered Josh most were the stacks of strange books. Vinnie’s new obsession.

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