Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Here's a little teaser art for Bob Freeman and Chris Wilson's upcoming occult detective graphic novel: Oddfellows Serenade.

And, my, who is that incredibly handsome monster hunter in the third panel?

Bob's already posted the first chapter on his blog. Check it out! I'm looking forward to this comic!

Pages 1-3
Pages 4-6
Pages 7-8
Pages 9-11
Pages 12-13


The Gill-Man said...

Nice! So, you've joined the ranks of the monster hunters, eh? Fantastic!

~Cindy~ said...

Hey Greg,
will you email me, I wanted to see if your interested in doing an interview for my blog. thanks for the comment...would love to learn more about your writing. Always interested in Arkansas authors!!

~Cindy~ said...

ohh forgot my email address