Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Friendly Buyer's Guide to "The Strange Man"

What's in a cover?

Apparently a bunch of potential confusion.

The book's been out for a couple days now, but I'm seeing some inconsistencies in how the book is represented that could lead to confusion in the market. Hence, I've designed this helpful buyer's guide to (hopefully) help the situation.

If you're a local buyer in the Northeast Arkansas area, be not decieved if you see THIS cover:

This is the cover to the original self-published, out-dated (and woefully sloppy) Xulon version of the book. DO NOT BUY. Kindly approach the counter of whatever bookstore you might find this in and ask them if they might order the new edition released by Realms Fiction.

Now we move on to our next cover:

As you may or may not recall, this was Realms' initial concept for "The Strange Man" cover art and was promoted as such for many months before retailer feedback informed the stellar art team at Realms that the cover was "too frightening". Hence, we changed it, but not before it already made the rounds. This is the cover you will see in the current issue of CBD, as well as on a couple of different review or order sites. If you see this cover, but are confused, rest assured this is the correct edition--the cover just won't look like this when you get your copy, so don't be concerned that you received the wrong book.

Now, finally, the final cover as it appears on the finished product in stores now.

This is the one you want. A beauty, ain't it?

Now that we're all clear, this should make your hunt for "The Strange Man" all the easier. Happy hunting!

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