Friday, June 4, 2010


Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted on here. Perhaps it's time for some updates!

I'm happy to say that work is progressing nicely on the Expanded Edition of "The Coming Evil, Book One: The Strange Man". Realms is busy selecting an editor to work with me in order to get the book all shaped up for its February 2011 release. "Wait! February? What happened to January?!" The initial plan was to unleash the book on the unsuspecting public in January, it's true, but the publisher has informed me that, by moving the book a month later, they'll have more time to dedicate to getting the word out about the book--and that's what's important. In the meantime, I've been dutifully working with Marketing to design a battle strategy for getting "The Coming Evil" to the masses. For ten years I wrote this book, but now I'm starting to understand that writing the book is the easy part. Marketing is the real job.

As part of my marketing strategy, I'm considering filming a new trailer for the book upon its release. We shall see...

While things are brewing over at Realms, I've also signed on to write a new screenplay. I'm not able to disclose the particulars yet, but I can say it's an independent Christian film--a sort of "hired-gun" assignment--and there are no monsters (I know. It's sad.). I've been brought on board to turn an idea into a screenplay. That's always a unique challenge--taking someone else's plot and creating a whole world around it. But I'm up for the challenge (plus it keeps me busy while I'm waiting for "The Coming Evil" to come out :)).

In other news...I'm a dad again! Our second daughter Danica Catherine (no, not named after the NASCAR driver. Grr...) was born a couple weeks ago. Not only that, our oldest daughter, Jo Beth, turns four years old today! In light of this, allow me to be personal for a moment...

I can remember when I first started writing "The Coming Evil". I lived at home, I hadn't had a date in years, and I did a lot of moping. Listened to my Radiohead and agonized over when my life would "get good". Now, it's a little over ten years later, my book is picked up by a major publisher, I'm married to a beautiful, supportive, understanding woman for the past eight years, and I've got two great kids. I never thought I'd end up here. I had hoped. But I was always one of those guys who thought "It'll never happen to me." But God has been exceptionally good to me and He continues to surprise me in this life, and, for that, I'll be forever grateful.


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