Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Irons in the Fire

Wow, been awhile since I've been on here, but don't think that means I haven't been working. Over the Christmas season, the Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia was released...featuring an entry for my very own Dusty Duck creation! That was a great treat, and now I'm immortalized in print for future Star Wars fans. Not bad.

Also, now available as a FREE DOWNLOAD at is my original "Halloween" short story "White Ghost" inspired by the horror masterpiece by John Carpenter. This all-new tale expands on a little known character briefly seen in the first movie and is officially sanctioned by Trancas International, the guys who brought you the original "Halloween". So, in other words, for all you continuity nuts out there like me, yes, this baby's canon. Here's a quick blurb about the story and a sweet cover done up by Thomas Mason who worked on "Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash" for DC/Wildstorm comics.

Nine years ago, Chris Hastings left Haddonfield behind. He ran away to escape his past, but his future wasn’t any more promising. So tonight, the night before Halloween, 1978, Chris is going back to Haddonfield, and the ghosts of his past aren’t the only thing waiting there for him.

Next up, I am very happy to announce that my zombie love story "Flowers for Shelly" has been picked up for the 2nd "Back From the Dead" Edition of the "Coach's Midnight Diner" anthology. This one is in print, folks, and already available for pre-order. I've kept a lid on this one for awhile. Didn't want to get anyone's hopes up (including my own), but Coach has my grinning mug plastered on his site so I feel it's safe to break the news. I'll keep everyone posted when the anthology is released.

I've also got a few other projects (some REALLY big ones) that I'm not ready to discuss just yet. But I've been very busy and I'm hoping to see many doors opened this year for me and my baby, "The Coming Evil". And, yes, before you worry too much, there's some news to report on that front, as well. Earlier I talked about writing an "Expanded Edition" of "The Coming Evil, Book One: The Strange Man". Well, over the Christmas break, I finished that edition and have been shopping it to different publishers. The book has really taken on new life and, even if you've already read it, it'll be a new experience. I've been careful not to change anything, per se. So that, if you've read the "Xulon Edition" only and jump to Book Two, everything will still make sense, but, believe me, you'll be missing out. Book One has some new dimensions, we meet some new characters, and it's really a blast.

While I'm waiting for God to open a door on that end, I've also been working on a follow-up to "The Coming Evil: Among the Dead". Just another little creepy tale to hold everyone over until we get picked up by a different publisher.

Alright, then, there's my massive update. There will be more to report soon. Stay tuned :)

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